What we do

We work with beneficiaries, professionals, volunteers, community structures like religious and traditional leaders, CSOs and government to support and build people and communities capacities to help people lift themselves out of poverty and diseases. AAGF hope to see societies where mothers, babies and children are living happily with access to education, water, peace, healthcare and other opportunities in attaining better lives.

Improve access to quality Education: 

Working with all education stakeholders and including community institutions to improve access and quality education for all, with more emphasis to hard to reach and vulnerable communities. Our work involves engaging CSOs, CSOs and community groups to ensure accountability and results.  Scholarship to well qualified and low fewer privilege students will be supported.

Improve and strengthen the health care system:

TSupporting, initiating and building high impact initiatives to reduce maternal and child mortality, information for better health through community awareness and social behaviour change communication-SBCC. AAG Foundation will support to address other challenges in the health sector like emergency response, malaria, HIV and other diseases.

Strengthen healthcare systems:

We are determined to support PHCUR and strengthen primary healthcare management and services towards effective and sustainable integrated healthcare services for a stronger health delivery system for the people.

Improve Access to Water and Sanitation:

The foundation will partner with government, private sector, CSOs, community and other philanthropists including MAAUN Alumni to support poor communities with access to water, sanitation and hygiene by bringing access to clean water and proper sanitation and hygiene information.

Inspire women and Youth For Development:

Support initiatives that will create opportunities to empower women and youth for sustainable development in our community, state, nation and Africa.

Access to Justice:

AAG-Foundation will explore injustices and support the justice for the vulnerable population and ensure building and strengthening the humanitarian civil right advocates for getting justice for the powerless. 

Promote Gender Equity:

We aim to promote gender fairness and sensitizes communities and organizations for effective engagement of women and girls for even development in the region.  

Support Accountability and Promote Social Inclusion:

The foundation will promote and trumpeting the importance and implementing accountability and transparency guidelines in all activities. Social inclusion is a key to our work and guiding principle, we want to ensure all persons are considered in planning and decision making on issues affecting communities. The promotion of people living with disabilities, gender etc is seen included in programming that government, community level, CSOs, Private Sector and other social development programs. 

Promote using evidence for decision making:

The use of evidence to inform initiatives, development and implementation of high impact projects and the program will be promoted and supported. An informed decision will be prioritize using available data.